Episode 11 – A Little Help From Our Friends

Well, we knew it would come to this. Our first live broadcast recording of Retro Killscreen happened kind of last minute as Jon and I were the busiest we’ve been in a long time this week and figured it might be cool to answer listener questions about retro games as we tried our best to get you guys something to listen to.

I apologize for anyone who was excited to listen to some Parasite Eve or Die Hard Arcade talk this week, but we will be doing those next week so use the extra time to catch up or play along if you haven’t been!

I want to thank everyone who helped us get a show together by being inquisitive enough to help us generate some good discussions. It was great to hear from our listeners and we thank you for downloading and listening to us every week. It means more than you know!

This week’s game-along picks are Die Hard Arcade(SAT) and Parasite Eve(PSX)… AGAIN! So find a copy of one or both and tune in a week from now for our discussion!