BlizzCONversations 2015!


Missed some of the announcements of BlizzCon 2015? New to Blizzard games and wondering why some of the announcements are so big? We got you covered!

Starcraft 2 (23:22)
Official Legacy of the Void site
Competitive Multiplayer recap
TRAILER: Nova Covert Ops

Diablo III (1:01:00)
Official Diablo III site
Patch 2.4.0 overview

Heroes of the Storm (1:09:40)
Official Heroes of the Storm site
TRAILER: The Arena
Hero info: Cho'gall
Towers of Doom battleground preview

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft(1:21:02)
Official League of Explorers site
TRAILER: The League of Explorers

Overwatch (1:32:38)
Official Overwatch site
Pre-Purchase site
Hero info: D.VA
Hero info: Mei
Hero info: Genji

World of Warcraft (1:47:00)
TRAILER: Warcraft Movie
TRAILER: World of Warcraft Legion
Official World of Warcraft: Legion site
Pre-Purchase site
World of Warcraft Game Systems panel recap
World of Warcraft World and Content panel recap

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