Episode 12 – Ed Key


I feel I have to apologize to Mr. Key and really everyone who took time out of their days months to a year ago to talk with us for this podcast incentive. Due to a variety of reasons, excuses and lack of any of them being really “good”, Indie Talks took a much longer hiatus than expected. Thank you to the patience of both the listeners and those who were kind enough to talk with us. We appreciate your understanding.



Riding high from his break-out success Proteus, Ed Key talks to us about his game shortly after its initial release and a whack of random other details including the weather (?), Nathan’s fascination with Steve Coogan and what makes a game “a game”.

While Proteus may be the game that people will recognize from Ed’s resume, it’s far from his first and only foray into the industry of making games. We talk a bit about the industry at large from a developer’s viewpoint and what the change from working at a game studio to going solo is like!

Find Ed on Twitter @edclef


Intro theme is Micro Invasion – Mendhoan – Intro (Mendhoan) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0