Episode 04 – Team “Default Dan”

Default Dan has won “Best Overall Game” at the 2012 Georgia Fall Game Jam at SPSU. A “game jam”  is a 48 hour competition where game programmers, artists, and designers form teams to create a video game from scratch.

The creators of Default Dan did what many people would love to do; find like-minded individuals in their area and crank out a quality game product in a weekend. In this episode, we get to sit down with most of the members of the development team behind Default Dan to discuss game jams and the Pavlovian conditioning traditional platformers have had on game players over the years.

Team members:
Britt Briscoe (Project Manager)
Matt Gold (Programmer, Designer)
Leonard Nicolas (Rigs and Animation)
Jim Nguyen (Music)
William Buckley (Sound FX)


Intro theme is Micro Invasion – Mendhoan – Intro (Mendhoan) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0