Episode 01 – Miguel Sternberg (Spooky Squid)

Original photo by Paul Hillier Photography

Original photo by Paul Hillier Photography

In this series we take a closer look at the people behind the indie games and talk to them like they’re our friends. We chat about indie games, their craft, motivations, experiences and whatever random tangents we can think of as well. Please keep in mind that a lot of this series is recorded over VoIP (Skype, to be exact) and due to locations some of our guests were during recording, the call quality can vary.

Miguel Sternberg is one half of Spooky Squid games, creators of They Bleed Pixels. We caught him just after getting home from IndieCade and were able to steal some time to discuss his freelance work, his involvement in Capybara & The Hand Eye Society and how little extra time an indie dev gets while in crunch time!

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Intro theme is Micro Invasion – Mendhoan – Intro (Mendhoan) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0