REVIEW: The Belko Experiment

This is kind of the best outcome from a talented filmmaker getting a blockbuster hit, in that then he gets whatever he wants to work on next in theaters on a wide release with a great cast. The Belko Experiment is written by James Gunn who had a smash hit with Guardians of the Galaxy which he co-wrote and directed. Gunn’s roots are with Troma Entertainment, so he’s no stranger this kind of hard R gore show.

The Belko Experiment fallows in the lineage of movies like Saw, Cube, and Battle Royale. The American workers at an office building in Columbia find themselves locked inside behind metal shutters and ordered to start killing each other, or face random execution by way of small explosives placed in the tracking chips they have in their heads. It’s a simple premise well executed.

What really helps set it apart is how good this cast is, and how willing the movie is dispose of them, keeping you in suspense. Also the violence is unapologetic, and really well done. Lots of heads pop in this movie.

If you like this kind of premise, and this kind of murderfest fucking go see this movie, it’s a really good one of these. Highly recommended.