Iam3DHomer’s Anime Tier List: Early Access Beta v0.7.03


“It’s just no good. No good at all!”


This is mostly just a thought experiment. An attempt to rank, without getting lost in the minutia of individual standings. The idea is to create a list that someone else could understand and evaluate. If I simply listed my favorites, I think that would be too personal to make sense to someone else. That kind of list can still be useful, but my thought was that this might work better. This is still a list of what I think and feel about shows, but ranked based on actual arguments I can make about them.

This is a tier list of every Anime (Shows only, not movies) I’ve seen that I have a strong positive feeling for; and that I feel comfortable ranking. The rankings go from the good to the best.

The reason for the Early Access title, is that I plan on updating the list when I see fit.

If a show isn’t on the list it is because I...

A) Don’t like it.
B) Never watched it.
C) Forgot I watched it.
D) Have no feelings for it at all.
E) Didn’t want to.
F) Plan on doing a write up on it later.
F) Or it’s one of the shows I will mention here:

Death Note


I love the manga, and that story would rank very high on the list (probably Tier 2 or 3). But I don’t like the anime. It over dramatizes a lot, and screws up the pacing. Basically I got to the second opening and stopped watching. Which is saying something because the manga was a strong contender for my favorite comic at the time. The second opening is one of the worst things. First opening is good though.


Another Manga from the creators of Death Note. This one is about making manga, so I think it works much better as a comic. Watched the first season of the anime and liked it. Just not sure what to do with it as an anime in regards to the list. Again, one of my favorite comics, but I never finished the anime.

Sailor Moon

Haven’t watched that much of it honestly. But I have been listening to a weekly podcast that spends about an hour each week breaking down one episode at a time. So I’m pretty invested in finding the time to watch the whole thing at some point.

Here’s a link to that podcast.

I did a write up Sailor Moon R: The Movie. 

Yurikuma Arashi

Placing this on the list will be the first patch probably. Kunihiko Ikuhara’s latest work. You should get an impression about what I think of his work from reading the list. Spoiler: It’s gonna rank high.

Yurikuma Arashi Patch 0.7.1


Another anime adapted from one of my favorite comics. This one comes from Naoki Urasawa, who is my favorite mangaka. Just haven’t gotten around to watching this. Looks to be a straight panel-to-screen adaptation. The manga has just started to come back in print, so I highly recommend giving that a look.

I reserve the right to change my rankings at any time for any reason.

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