Iam3DHomer’s Top Video Games of 2016

With honorable (And not so honorable) mentions galore.

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Let’s talk about Horror

So Horror is generally considered a difficult genre because it requires capitulation from the audience. You have to let yourself be scared, either by agreeing to experience the horror material at all or to go the extra mile to put yourself in the right mood to be scared: Turn off the lights and experience it only at night or you haven’t really experienced it right.

This can be a lot to ask of someone; it puts up a barrier to entry for many people. Obviously there are people who crave this kind of experience and they are willing to go the extra mile. This also in general means they are a more passionate audience, which in the era of emerging internet culture is really the kind of audience everyone wants. Passion is what turns the mechanics of the internet. But if the audience has to bring all that work to the table, is that a failure on the part of Horror?

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