Movie Review – The Mermaid

This movie is fucking weird.

Guys… I don’t… What? That was weird. Good. But weird.

This is a new film from Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle) and it definitely has his trademarks of being very silly, very violent and ultimately very earnest, with a heaping helping of creative CGI.

The plot is both very simple and needlessly complicated: (Mostly for the sake of jokes.) Billionaire playboy spends billions on an island, island houses the last living mermaids, mermaids send their most beautiful girl to seduce the billionaire so that they can murder him, girl and man fall in love, his jilted human girlfriend and business partner tries to murder all the mermaids, man and mermaid live happily ever after. Environmentalism. Jokes. Yada, yada, yada.

So like, if in The Little Mermaid Ariel had been an assassin instead of mute. And if instead of getting human legs her tail was just cut a little and her tail ends were stuffed into boots and she just waddled around.

It’s silly and fun and some characters get horribly butchered. It’s also sweet.

The movie kinda suffers from some bad ADR, to the point of inconsistent sound within a scene. That definitely tempered my enjoyment, because that kind of thing does really bother me.

Also had the line, “If you can’t respect Batman at least respect yourself.”

I laughed.

Thank You For Your Time.


Hank has been a sponge for all kinds of media his whole life, but mostly kept his thoughts to himself until he started writing for Burning Barrel in 2014.

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