Fanboys May Cry…

… but I kind of like the direction taken by Ninja Theory for the new Devil May Cry.  Yes, Dante has a new look that is almost a complete 180-degree turn on what we know and feels like he could be a lead singer for AFI but where are all these misplaced comparisons and disgust coming from?  Seriously, I am not a fan of Twilight but this is in no way even closely similar in style; since when do well-dressed, clean-cut faggy vampires share similarities with a clinically insane scenester half-breed demon hunter?

As a final note on the subject, sorry Hideki Kamiya but where do you get off ridiculing another developer’s vision?  Yes, you’ve done some very good things with games, created an iconic character and while you may be disappointed there is no excuse for being a dismissive asshole about it.  Nothing has been said that this will be the new direction of all DMC games; in fact quite the opposite as Capcom themselves have gone on record stating that this is a new universe with the same premise and name and will not be even considered canon.  It makes me sick to see such division in an industry that should be promoting a unity in both the creators and players over something so petty.

Ninja Theory is fast becoming one of the studios I wait anxiously for announcements from.  They may only have two games (with the third coming out in less than a month) to their name but it is hard to deny just how good their games look.  Kung Fu Chaos was great fun for what it was, Heavenly Sword was the first game I truly felt had a “next generation” feel to it and Enslaved has beautiful environments and animation that shows just how much attention was paid to detail.  Devil May Cry looks to be no different, except it may finally bridge the gap between the “gamey” look all the others have been cursed with to something more cinematic and I am all for that.  It is naive to think that a new look will change everything the true fans loved about the series for the worst, but the internet will be the internet and breed all kinds of hate on something that doesn’t matter either way.

All in all, I suppose this was just a long-winded rant but the bottom line is this game looks fantastic so far and, personally, I am really excited to see more information as it comes.

Paul Fleck

Paul has been writing since high school and specifically about media since 2006. In that time, he has done work for numerous sites as a freelance writer and as an editor for Game Guiders.

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